Inclusive Hiring, Onboarding & Employee Retention Practices

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Originally Aired - Wednesday, November 2 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Location: The Venetian Expo, Level 1, Repair Shop HQ Training Room 4


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Title: Inclusive Hiring, Onboarding & Employee Retention Practices


Today, it is harder than ever to find qualified talent, hire, onboard and retain them over time. There is a lot of conversation about diversity and inclusion but few practical suggestions on how to accomplish it. There is also a need for today's automotive aftermarket to modernize hiring practices and set employees up for success. There is a common misconception that diversity in hiring makes it more challenging to find the right folks for the job. This course will cover how diversity and inclusive hiring practices actually help solve the technician shortage and improve the results of your business.  

Learner Outcomes: 

  • Write a compelling and inclusive job description
  • Learn how to position your role for maximum visibility 
  • Create a hiring process that allows you to select the best candidate(s)
  • Create company culture that attracts the right candidates
  • Market and promote the culture and values of your company/shop 

This training seminar is geared towards Shop Owners.

Seminar is $50.00 to attend - REGISTER NOW

Level: Beginner

Type: Training Seminar



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