Charge What You're Worth

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Originally Aired - Tuesday, November 1 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Location: The Venetian Expo, Level 1, Repair Shop HQ Training Room 1


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Title: Charge What You're Worth


The automotive aftermarket has used labor rates and labor guides to compete on pricing in a way that has been detrimental to profitability. Vehicle owners seem to fixed on price, when they need to understand the value differences between competing shops. Shop owners seem to think they need to compete on price, when they need to compete on value. This course provides shop owners with the tools to accurately calculate their facility service rate in a way that compensates them for the value they offer. It will also teach them the tools to communicate the value to their clients. A shop that offers shuttle rides, courtesy cars, and a car the is washed and vacuumed should be able to charge a higher facility service rate, than a shop who does not. When providing an estimate to a client, the shop owner and their service advisors will be much more confident in their presentation because they understand all of the value that is built in to the rate. Labor rate implies the hourly rate for a technician, facility service  rate implies a rate the includes the whole team, tools, equipment, and facilities. And we all know there is a large range in value and quality between shops. In addition to the above, owners will learn how all of their fixed and variable costs affect the facility service rate they should be charging. 

Learner outcomes: 

  •  How to use labor guides they way they were intended. 
  • The difference between labor rate and facility service rate. 
  • Calculate what the shop facility rate should be using 9 key factors. These factors are 1) occupancy costs 2) owner's/manager's salary, 3) service advisor salaries, 4) total of other operating expenses, 5) the dollar value of parts purchased in the last calendar year, 6) the number of technician hours worked in the last calendar year, 7) the average technician hourly wage, 8) the number of hours billed, and 9) the net profit required/desired. 
  • Gain confidence in the value they offer and be able to charge a more profitable rate.

This training seminar is geared towards Shop Owners.

Seminar is $50.00 to attend - REGISTER NOW

Level: Intermediate

Type: Training Seminar



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